Anodized Aluminum Black& Stainless Steel Dragonback Weave Chainmaille Bracelet


All of our products are made by hand, one ring at a time, with the utmost love and care in our studio in Cape Town, South Africa.


Our products are created by opening and closing each individual metal ring in order to complete the finished piece. Each item is made by our artist Kristin, who carefully constructs each piece with pliers and patience. 


Our statement adornments will help you elevate your look and stand out for all the right reasons.
Let us help you Summon Your Creative Spirit.

    Donahue Black Chainmaille Bracelet

    SKU: AJ22-BR034
      • Clasp Metal: Stainless Steel
      • Body Material: Stainless Steel, Anodized Aluminum
      • Weave Name: Dragonback
      • Beads: None
      • Chain: None
      • Charms: None
      • Scales: None
      • Length (Including Clasps): TBC