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Behind the Brand

Hello & Welcome!

I'm Kristin, the founder and owner of Apparition Jewellery & Apparel. I am the artist and creator behind the brand, and every item from our jewellery & armour ranges has been crafted by my own hands. What started out as learning a new hobby has turned into a passion.

Apparition Apparel is an extension of our brand that focuses on clothing, and launches in 2021.  I have been designing and sketching clothing since 2008, and this inspired me to complete a Diploma in Dressmaking a few years later.  I've always wanted my own clothing line, and I am very excited and grateful for the opportunity to finally achieve this goal.

After a lot of steady hard work, sacrifice and a passion for my craft, there is still so much left to learn and achieve.  I have taught myself all of the skills I have learned during my time creating for Apparition - from the jewellery design to the photo editing.  I have done interviews, I trade at events, this website has been live since April 2019 - built and maintained by me, and my work is also sold on Hello Pretty, Zando and Deviant South.  I've done it all myself (except for my logo, which was designed by a friend, and a local seamstress who's made the apparel items), and loved every minute of it.  

There is so much more to come from Apparition, and I look forward to having you along for the journey.

I first began making jewellery in 2010, and it was only 8 years later that I decided to try my hand at wire jewellery, as I had seen so many gorgeous pieces I wanted to make.  Sadly, it didn't come naturally to me and I was not enjoying the process very much.  This led to me taking the metal rings I had bought with my wire supplies and putting them together.  Little did I know that I had just made a chainmaille weave!  I had heard of chainmaille before, but didn't know much about it.  I looked up what I had made and that's where my journey really started.